Video 1: iPersevere

This video explores the importance of perseverance to business success through the life of one of the greatest business leaders. The road to success was not easy for Steve Jobs, the late Apple co-founder and CEO. He almost failed at three business ventures before finally succeeding. Take a look at Steve Jobs’ “walk in the desert.”

Video 2: XX Factor – eXcellence and eXecution

What makes industry leaders Like Walmart, Starbucks and Apple so successful? They share a relentless drive to provide excellent product and services or the best prices. They constantly look at new technologies and implement necessary employee training to maintain their competitive edge. Watch how their excellence in execution help them beat their competition.

Video 3: Dare to Dream: The New Space Challenge

This video introduces a new cast of dreamers, adventurers and entrepreneurs who are helping redefine space exploration. Peter Diamandis’ Ansari X-Prize contest provided the initial push needed to get SpaceShipOne into low orbit. But others like Elon Musk quickly followed suit. Last March, his Falcon 9 rocket carried a NASA payload to the International Space Station. And now a new group  of business tycoons plan on launching mining expeditions to asteroids.