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  1. SPECIAL: Enter code SPECIAL80 for 80% off yearly memberships Just play a video, select “playlist access,” then the appropriate membership level and the code.

Our two pricing levels, yearly memberships and 24-hour tickets, provide great leasing flexibility.

Yearly membership includes:

  • Unlimited Viewing  For everyone at your company
  • Space Ship One
  • Offline Playback When you are not connected to the internet (available summer 2013)
  • Mobile Access Play on iOS and Android devices (available summer 2013)
  • Sharing Tools Easily embed and display Motivideos
  • Influence Suggest, discuss and vote on future Motivideos in our Linkedin group

Yearly membership pricing is according to company size:

Click a button to join:

  1. 1-99$595
  2. 100-499$995
  3. 500-2,499$1,795
  4. 2,500-4,999$3,995
  5. 5,000+ Employees and Agencies $4,995

24-Hour Ticket Pricing

You can also purchase a 24-hour ticket to view one video for $95. Simply go to the videos page, play the video of your choice and follow the payment instructions.

Please read our Terms of Use before signing up. Education and Non Profit discount: 25% (Enter Voucher Code “EDU” or “NONP” at time of registration. Only one discount voucher can be used at once)

Frequently Asked Questions


I work for a global company, should I use our global or US company size?
Motivideos are only available for US audiences so you should use your company’s US size to determine the appropriate membership.

Our company belongs to a Group, which membership level should we use?
If you plan on sharing Motivideos with colleagues of the Group located in the US, you should purchase a membership for the group and include the total number of employees in the US.

Will our membership renew automatically?
Yes, we make it easy for our customers to renew their membership but it can be cancelled at anytime. In case you did not get a chance to cancel your membership before the automatic renewal, you should send us an official letter on company letterhead or via company email as described on the FA FAQ Page within 15 days of the automatic renewal.

Can we change or cancel a 24-hour ticket?
All sales are final so a 24-hour ticket cannot be cancelled. You will simply not be able to play a video at the end of the 24 hour period.

What if my company does not make credit card payments?
Motivideos accepts purchase orders. Please send your purchase order and/or Contact us at support@motivideos.com. You will receive a confirmation email with a password and instructions shortly after your information has been reviewed and approved. Please note that Motivideos invoices are due for payment within 30 days of issuance.

Do we need to upgrade our membership if our company is growing?
You do not have to do anything until your renewal date. Please notify us at support@motivideos.com to upgrade your membership to the correct pricing level. On occasion, we audit the size of our member companies to insure correct pricing is applied to their membership.


More detailed Frequently Asked Questions are available on our FAQ Page.