Our Early Adopter Pricing provides great flexibility for any situation, whether you need to rent a video for a short period or you want to use our library on a regular basis.

We also offer a 30-day money back guarantee, no questions asked. Just email us and we will refund your last payment within 5 business days.

24-hour Ticket: $19

To rent: Play the video of your choice on the Videos page and follow the payment instructions.

Monthly Ticket: $39

Please read our Terms of Use before signing up. Using this service infers your agreement with our Terms of Use.

Special Features:

  •  Unlimited Viewing  For everyone at your company
  • Mobile Access Play on iOS and Android devices (available summer 2013)
  • Influence Suggest, discuss and vote on future Motivideos with us in on Twitter and Google+

Frequently Asked Questions

Are these one-time tickets?
Yes, this works just like Pay per View on your home television. You are making a one-time purchase.

Can we get a refund of a 24-hour ticket? 
Yes, you can get a refund of the last ticket purchased.

Do I have to pay again to watch a video on a different device?
You can login to watch Motivideos on several devices at once as long as you do not share your credentials outside of your company.

More detailed Frequently Asked Questions are available on our FAQ Page.