Motivideos are motivational videos with many benefits:

Video is a powerful medium that can be leveraged to motivate people in general and corporate teams in particular. But finding motivational videos with the right message on the internet and sharing them with the rest of the team is often a daunting task. And let’s face it, hiring an agency to produce a custom video is very expensive.

Enter Motivideos

Motivideos are premium motivational videos focused on case studies, tactics, strategies, and attitudes critical to business success in today’s world. Designed by a group of experienced corporate communications and video production experts, Motivideos utilize short and effective inspirational messages that are in line with your corporate objectives.

Motivideos will:


  • Inspire your Teams with Stories about:
    • Determination, courage and perseverance
    • Best-in-class businesses
    • Teams that beat the odds
    • Great turnarounds
  • Support Business Initiatives including:
    • Execution excellence
    • Sales performance and recognition
    • Change management
    • Employee engagement
  • Improve Meeting Effectiveness by:
    • Reinforcing messages with illustrations
    • Challenging your team with external point of views
    • Providing a mental break

Why choose Motivideos?

There is nothing available on or off the web that comes close to Motivideos. While it sounds arrogant, it is true because Motivideos are the only online videos with the following attributes:


  • Professional:
    • You will be proud to share Motivideos with your team and colleagues
    • Motivideos are not rehashed motivational quotes cut to music
    • Motivideos are produced and streamed in HD
  • Original and Meaningful:
    • Motivideos focus on universal corporate themes
    • Motivideos focus on recent case studies, tactics, strategies, and attitudes critical to business success
    • Motivideos don’t send mixed messages
  • Trustworthy:
    • Motivideos won’t disappear from the web overnight
    • Copyrights have been cleared
    • There won’t be any ads playing before during or after Motivideos