One of our goals at Motivideos is to curate the best motivational and inspirational video content available. Be forewarned though, motivation and inspiration come in a lot of different flavors so you will probably not agree with our list completely. Some will find that sports inspiration has been overdone while others will relish in it. And yet others will find some of the Nike and Addidas commercials highly inspirational.

I have to start this list with a video that personally inspired me like none other, as you may have read in another of my posts. Steve Jobs’ Stanford University Commencement Address is one of the most inspirational speeches ever given. With over 16 million views, it is also arguably the most popular motivational video ever, with good reasons.

If you’d like to watch another video about Steve Jobs’ incredible journey to success, you can preview the one we produced for our corporate clients on our home page.

But Steve Jobs is not the only successful person to have experienced failure as you can see in this next video:

Judging by the number of other YouTube videos building on this next one and the 12+ million people who watched it, we can only conclude that Muhammed Ali’s famous speech “How Great I am,” is one of the best performances ever. You’ll have to go to YouTube to watch this one because the publisher of this video disabled the embedding feature.

Motivation does not have to be facing inward. The idea that the world is not spinning out of control is a provocative one but it is also a great source of hope and motivation. In the following TED Talk presentation, Peter Diamandis, another person who inspired a Motivideo, makes the point that humanity is not headed toward chaos and poverty but toward an era of abundance.

The last video in this list takes a different approach to motivation by showing instead of talking. After all, isn’t doing more important than talking?!

These are only some of the best free motivational videos available on the web, but certainly not the only ones. Please let us know how you like these videos. We will continue to search for and share the best motivational content we can find.