Taking the time to meditate about your life and goals will boost your motivation in many ways.

It’s easy to loose track of one’s self and goals during the daily hustle and bustle of life. Not surprisingly, this is usually when we loose our motivation and need a little pick up. The following three basic tips will help you get back on track and stay motivated.


1.     Focus on your strengths

It’s natural, we all tend to gravitate toward activities that feel easier to complete. If you are like me, you’ll delve into the minutia of your website analytics for hours before making the more difficult phone calls. I am not encouraging you to give in to procrastination and answer emails all day because it feels easier than doing the hard work but I am encouraging you to recognize that you are better at some things than others. You may dream of becoming a rich and powerful lawyer, but if you don’t enjoy reading large complicated books full of legalese all day, you are clearly headed for a painful, difficult life. I recognized this before I was about to go into law school and am thankful for it.

I have heard so may stories of people who went into law to please their parents only to quit 20 years too late that it is worth mentioning. We are all being conditioned to think that the only way to live is to work hard in order to make our dreams a reality. But we are rarely told to be careful of what we wish for. And this is probably the most important thing to be aware of. Focusing on your strengths will allow you to live a thriving and fulfilling life. This is probably the most important condition for someone to develop long lasting motivation.

2.     Set clear personal goals and review them periodically

A strange thing tends to happen in life: people often realize too late that they haven’t done half of the things they wanted to do when they were young. Without the energy or the resources to do them, they can only look back with regrets. The only way to avoid this is to regularly spend time to list all the things you want to do in the near and long term.

When doing so, make sure you look at your previous lists and ponder on why they have evolved. Have you compromised because some of your goals seemed too difficult to reach? Are you slowly giving up on your dream vacation and why?

Keeping a list will force you to be honest with yourself and will highlight whether or not you have given up on your aspirations. When implemented regularly, this document will be a constant reminder of your true aspirations. And ultimately this process will motivate you to take action and deliver on these goals.

3.     Reward yourself

There is no greater motivator than doing things you like. If for some reason you do not have a rewarding job, and even if you do, make sure you get to enjoy your free time. Yes, patience is a virtue, but don’t wait too long before enjoying the fruis of your labor. Nothing will motivate you more than the idea of going back to the awesome beach on that far away island or the pictures of the paradise you will explore during your next adventure.

One week vacations on the beach with your laptop and cell phone won’t do it. Go away for a few weeks and cut off from the rest of the world. It will not only allow you rest and meditate better, but you will return to work with a renewed sense of purpose and a new intensity that will make you ten times more productive.


These simple tricks can make a huge difference in your life. They will help you remember what your goals are, whether or not you are on the right track and they will help keep the motivation going.