One of the most striking business stories of this new century is Apple’s rise from rags to riches.  This dramatic turn around and the man who engineered it are now well known. But what is less known is that it took Steve Jobs over three decades and quite a few failures to get there.

It is this story of determination and perseverance that we chose to highlight in one of our first motivational videos, or Motivideos. This choice was a logical one because, you see, I was inspired into starting Motivideos by Steve Jobs’ story myself. This story convinced the entrepreneur in me that it would be more productive for everyone if I followed my passion, as Steve Jobs did.

Motivation can be a powerful ally for someone who finds the right path. And there are many factors that contribute to creating a motivated professional, but none is more effective than a powerful and meaningful narrative. This is the basic premise behind Motivideos. At Motivideos, we endeavor to leverage short and compelling stories from inside and outside the business world to help you motivate your team. You can visit our Benefits page to read more about many of the benefits of Motivideos.

To make it easy for everyone to discover our growing video library, we are offering a 48-hour sneak peak in exchange for subscribing to our mailings here. Also, ahead of our launch later this spring and while our library is still quite small and growing, we are offering a 80% pre-launch discount for companies that want to try our yearly membership. Sign up here to receive your discount code.

I hope you enjoy our videos and encourage you to send us feedback. It will be the only way for us to insure that we provide stories and videos you find valuable. You can dialog with us via Twitter or LinkedIn. I look forward to it. Thank You!